Brit couple playing outdoor sex game sparks murder alert

A British couple engrossed in an outdoor sex game sparked an emergency call after passers-by thought that the tied-up naked woman was in danger.

The passers-by immediately informed the matter to the police and 10 cops reached the woodland behind a grocery store in Wokingham, southern England.

However, they could not find the cheeky couple, who had fled by then, realizing that they were spotted.

“Thames Valley Police received a call at 10.51am after a member of the public raised concerns over the welfare of a woman they had seen in woodland behind the Morrisons store in Woosehill Court,” quoted a police spokesman as saying.

“Despite a search of the woodland and the surrounding area the two people could not be found. At this stage there is no evidence that a crime has been committed so there will be no further police action,” he added.
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Prison escapee caught after knocking on wrong door

An escaped convict was caught following a day on the loose after he knocked on a cabin door, only to find out the man renting the lodge was an off-duty guard at the prison he just fled.

Authorities said 39-year-old James Edward Russell took off from the Washington state penitentiary on Tuesday morning. Early the next day, Russell still wearing his prison uniform went to the cabin asking to use the phone, said Department of Corrections spokesman Chad Lewis on Thursday.

After a scuffle, Russell ran off again, Lewis said. The guard, whose name was being withheld by authorities, reported the incident and Russell was caught a few hours later.

He had been serving time for forgery and theft.
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Jewish court sentences dog to death by stoning

A Jerusalem rabbinical court condemned to death by stoning a dog it suspects is the reincarnation of a secular lawyer who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago, Ynet website reported on Friday.

According to Ynet, the large dog made its way into the Monetary Affairs Court in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighbourhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, frightening judges and plaintiffs.

Despite attempts to drive the dog out of the court, the hound refused to leave the premises.

One of the sitting judges then recalled a curse the court had passed down upon a secular lawyer who had insulted the judges two decades previously.

Their preferred divine retribution was for the lawyer's spirit to move into the body of a dog, an animal considered impure by traditional Judaism.

Clearly still offended, one of the judges sentenced the animal to death by stoning by local children.

The canine target, however, managed to escape.

"Let the Animals Live", an animal-welfare organisation filed a complaint with the police against the head of the court, Rabbi Avraham Dov Levin, who denied that the judges had called for the dog's stoning, Ynet reported.

One of the court's managers, however, confirmed the report of the lapidation sentence to Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot.

"It was ordered... as an appropriate way to 'get back at' the spirit which entered the poor dog," the paper reported the manager as saying, according to Ynet.

Certain schools of thought within Judaism believe in the transmigration of souls, or reincarnation.
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Now, ‘perfectly safe-to-eat’ meat made from human feces!

Poop! The mere mention of it make us leave the dinner table, but how about if you have to eat it?

Now, Japanese researchers have synthesized meat from proteins found in human waste.

While the concept of chowing down on steak derived from poop may not exactly be appetizing, the question is if it is safe.

In theory, yes, say experts. But the meat must be cooked, which will kill any noxious pathogens before you eat it, according to a report in Digital Trends.

“In the food safety world we say, ‘don't eat poop.’ But if you're going to, make sure it's cooked,” the website quoted Douglas Powell, a professor of food safety at Kansas State University as saying, reports Live Science.

The poop-meat concoction is prepared by extracting the basic elements of food — protein, carbohydrates and fats — from bacteria in sewage and recombining them.

The meat is made from 63 per cent proteins, 25 per cent carbohydrates, 3 per cent lipids and 9 per cent minerals, according to the website.

Soy protein is added to the mix to increase the flavor, and food coloring is used to make the product appear red.

The researchers came up with the idea after Tokyo Sewage asked them to figure out a use for the abundance of sewage in mud, said Digital Trends.

Powell said the idea is not all that different from eating plants that have been fertilized with manure or other excrement, because the nutrients in the poop become part of the plants.

“Theoretically, there's nothing wrong with this. It could be quite safe to eat, but I'm sure there's a yuck factor there,” he added.
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Now, get milk out of an ATM in Pune

Milk will be cheaper and available 24X7 at Any Time Milk machines

Cashing in on the lifestyle of Puneites, which includes erratic work schedules of the people, Katraj Dairy Milk has taken the pioneering step to provide their target group with milk ATMs (Any time milk), which will serve milk and milk products at slightly cheaper rates, 24X7. The first ATM will open at Katraj from April 4.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle: Cow milk and othe products will soon be available 24X7
"This is no April fool, we are serious!" said Rambhau Tule, President, Pune District Milk Producers Federation. 

"The first ATM will be inaugurated by the state Deputy CM Ajit Pawar. We are installing at least 10 more in the city soon if the first milk ATM gets generates encouraging response," he said.  Katraj Dairy has already started a city survey in which they are prioritising the area where to set up these machines. Business areas, important market places and big housing societies are expected to 'milk' in more moolah for the corporators.

The first hi-tech machine will be brought from Ahmedabad and will be installed in the Katraj Dairy by next week. After technical testing, the machine will be in use from April 4.

"We had been planning to introduce milk for the citizens for past 3 years, and finally the dream is coming true," Tule said. The prices of our products will be cheaper and initially we'll be keeping only cow milk for sale." Chandrashekhar Sonawane, the engineer maintaining the ATM, said, "We are paying a total of Rs 3 lakhs for the machine which include transport and octroi charges to bring it from Ahmedabad. The ATM will also have a cooling system to keep the milk fresh for 24 hours."
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Google vs. content farms

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Top five cities on faults: slide show

The record-breaking earthquake and subsequent tsunami that struck Japan early Friday is a bleak reminder of the havoc natural disasters can have on populated cities -- especially those in high-risk areas, such as along major fault lines. Take a look at five cities that are most at risk for similar disasters due to their location.
  • Built exactly at the triple intersection of three major tectonic plates -- the North American plate, the Philippine plate, and the Pacific plate -- Tokyo is constantly on the move.
  • The San Andreas of the East, Istanbul’s strike-slip North Anatolian fault is the world’s longest with ruptures that have been ripping westward through the fault line since 1939.
  • Over the last 700 years, powerful quakes have struck the Los Angeles region every 45-144 years. The last major quake was a 7.9-magnitude temblor that hit 153 years. In other words, L.A. is due for another "big one."
Full story at Discovery News.
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The Shoes Appreciation Society [photo]

Artist Niege Borges created this great graphic print featuring many different style of footwear. From Dr. Martens to Peep Toes – this piece has everything your feet could desire.
Full story at Etsy.
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How did we miss World Sleep Day?!

Something is seriously amiss in the universe when the fourth annual World Sleep Day is overlooked in the rush to the weekend that is Friday. If one was able to celebrate both National Napping Day and World Sleep Day, this could have been a blissfully short week, so better start planning for next year.
With that in mind, Paul McNamara at Network World has a few suggestions to liven up next year’s celebration:
- Go to work wearing footy pajamas.
- Show up late and tell the boss that out of respect for World Sleep day, you had overslept.
- Send an office e-mail asking if anyone can spare an Ambien.
- Set your circadian clock ahead one hour.
- Nap at your desk more than usual.
- Hang a hammock in the break room.
Full story at Network World via Breakfast Links.
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