Husband spends £10k on boob jobs for wife and daughters

by Caroline Reid 
SM Boob Jobs 450 (Pic:SM)
Sisters Harriett and Rose Higley and their mum Deborah have always done everything together.
So when Deborah had a boob job, Harriett and Rose decided to follow suit – and the two sisters had identical implants on the same day.
Even more remarkably, dad Perry agreed to pay £10,000 for all three ops.
“We’re a really close family, so having boob jobs together seemed the most natural thing in the world,” says Harriett, 21.
“I remember when Mum had hers done, I was so jealous. I just wanted mine to look the same.”
Mum Deborah increased her cup size from a 32A to a D five years ago, with both daughters following suit this year.
“I’d inherited her flat chest and hated my tiny 32A boobs,” says Harriett. “I hid my lack of curves under baggy tops and wore padded bras everywhere – even to bed!
“Mum was really sympathetic. She understood what it was like to have a hang-up about your body and tried to cheer me up when I got ­upset.
“I was 16 when Mum had her op and I thought she looked fabulous.
“I knew Rose felt the same way. We shared a bedroom as ­teenagers and we’d stay up late talking about cosmetic surgery. We both longed for ­bigger boobs so we could wear strapless dresses and even go braless.
“You have to be at least 18 to have a boob job in the UK, and I even debated going to ­America where I could have it done early. But Mum persuaded me to wait.
“She was all for me having the op, I just needed to save up first. It was never a matter of if, but when I’d get my new boobs.”
In the end it was Deborah, 46, who came to her daughters’ rescue.
She had a friend who worked for a cosmetic ­surgery clinic in Marbella, which could organise surgery at a ­reduced rate and provide accommodation. ­
Harriett, an ­office ­manager, who lives near her mum and younger sister in Chelmsford, Essex, says: “When Rose heard, she said, ‘If you’re doing it, I’m doing it, too.’ The more I thought about it, the more it made sense to have the ops together. We’d be able to look out for one ­another.”
So the pair booked a consultation with the surgeon in ­London this February, taking along their nan Eileen, 72, for support as Mum was at work. Harriett says: “The surgeon said we could ­easily go up a couple of bra sizes. By the time we left the room, our minds were made up. The only question was how we were going to find £3,200 each for the ops.”
Then the girls’ dad stepped in, offering to pay for the boob jobs as a joint birthday present – Rose’s 19th and Harriet’s 21st. Within two weeks the sisters were on their way to Spain.
“I was relieved they were having it done together,” says ­Deborah,
a hospital ­worker who is ­now ­div­orced from the girls’ dad.
“But I had no doubts it was right thing to do. I’d lived with my flat chest until I was 40 and it destroyed my confidence.
“I wanted the girls to be able to enjoy their new breasts while they were still young.
“They could see the ­changes it had brought about in me, I was a totally different woman – ­happier and more confident. I know a lot of people would think it’s odd to encourage your ­teenage daughters to have ­cosmetic surgery, but unless you’ve been through the misery of having a flat chest, it’s hard to understand.
“I don’t think surgery’s such a big deal, and for Harriett and Rose it was the only way they were going to get the look they longed for.
“When I’d first told them I was considering having my boobs done, they were all for it. Now it was my turn to support them.
“I remember the night before my op, I was like a child on Christmas Eve – I just couldn’t wait to get my new boobs. “
Rose, now 20 and a ­hairdresser, remembers feeling exactly the same the night before her and Harriett’s double op.
She says: “I couldn’t sleep, I was so ­excited. When I came round, I was crying and asking the ­nurses if Harriett was OK. It was a relief to see her being wheeled back into the room.
“The whole experience was an emotional rollercoaster. We’d spent years moaning about our chests and now we were getting our boobs done on the same day.”
Next morning, the girls’ new ample breasts were unveiled for the first time.
Harriett says: “As the nurse peeled back Rose’s bandages, my jaw dropped to the floor. ‘Wow, they’re amazing,’ I told her. I was praying mine looked as good – and they did.
“Finally, I had wonderful 32DD breasts to show off to the world.”
Rose, who went from a 32A to a D cup, was ­equally ecstatic. “I love ­Katie Price and I’d told the surgeon I wanted boobs just like her. I was so thrilled, I couldn’t stop looking at them.”
Over the next week, the girls recuperated together, comparing cup sizes and phoning home for regular chats with Deborah.
Rose says: “Mum knew ­exactly what we were going through, even down to how much it might hurt, so she was ­constantly reassuring us. She met us at the ­airport and as soon as we got into the car, Harriett and me gave her a quick flash. We couldn’t stop ­giggling at our matching ­cleav­ages.”
Six months on, and all three women are convinced having identical boob jobs was the best thing they’ve ever done.
And dad Perry, 46, admits his present to the girls is unorthodox, but says: “It was worth it. I could see how miserable the girls were before and I think they both look amazing now.”