Top 100 websites for women

Wandering the internet without a guide, compass, or clue? Stop spinning in virtual circles that always end up back at ICanHasCheezburger or the same old celeb gossip site and accept a little help from Forbes and its comprehensive list of 100 websites for women. (Although, plenty of dudes could benefit from taking a gander at the list too.)
A sampling:
Birds On the Blog: This London blog features career advice and breaking women’s-interest news from 11 resident bloggers (aka “the birds”). All ad revenue from the site is used to fund the education of 5-year-old Ugandan twin girls, Princess and Perfect.
Corporette: A fashion and lifestyle blog for corporate women: lawyers, bankers, MBAs, consultants and “otherwise overachieving chicks.”
Feministing: An online community and blog with a feminist perspective that analyzes how pop culture and mainstream media reflect modern women.
Jezebel: Owned by Gawker Media, a must-visit blog about celebrity, sex and fashion that bites into the media’s representation of women and critiques gender in pop culture.
Ladies Who Launch: An active and engaging site for female entrepreneurs that provides a resources for starting, building and running a business.
Full list at Forbes.