David E. Kelley Producing New Wonder Woman TV Series

wonder woman 1 10 10 kc David E. Kelley Producing New Wonder Woman TV Series
Why does DC Entertainment keep doing this to us? Instead of making a live action, big screen adaptation of Wonder Woman, they’ve decided to put her on television — again. The last time she appeared in her own series was back in the seventies when Lynda Carter played the role. Now, according to Deadline, she’s back! Not Lynda, but Wonder Woman…

Who would be brave enough to bring Wonder Woman back into the homes of viewers, JJ Abrams, Joss Whedon? No, David E. Kelley! As in “Ally McBeal” and “The Practice’s” David E. Kelley. He has a history of creating female-centric shows and Wonder Woman will give him the opportunity to amp it up a bit. Sources claim that Kelley’s been interested in the project for a while.
We have no idea what his take will be on the character. There isn’t even confirmation that she’ll be the Diana Prince we all know and love with the same powers. Her flight, super strength, and golden lasso might go out the window. If they keep the first two things, I’ll be content, the lasso and her invisible jet can kick the bucket. They always irked me.
The show is going out to networks now and will presumably fill the void that will be left after “Smallville” goes off the air.