Eco-city takes the chill out of Siberian living

Mention “Siberia” and “mines” in the same sentence and most people will automatically assume “hard labor” isn’t far behind, but Russian architectural firm Ab Elise is intent on changing that tune.
The “Eco-city 2020” project is a great example of making the old new as it uses an abandoned diamond mine to house a small city of the future.
“The city will be covered with a protective glass dome to guard its residents from Siberia’s inclement weather, while the solar cells on its walls will harvest the sun’s energy to provide power for the whole city. Eco-city 2020 will be divided in three levels containing vertical farms, residential areas and recreational spaces with a large core featured at the center.”
One wonders if tapping geothermal energy would also be a possibility at this depth? Well, at least residents wouldn’t have to worry about pesky subsidence issues; a benefit of building from the bottom up, so to speak.
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