“A” is for amorous with French females

Antoinette and Aimee are missing the love boat it would seem while Laura and Anna are setting off streamers from the deck. Actually, according to a survey from a French daily paper, Anna and Laura are too busy in their cabins to bother waving goodbye.
The survey was meant to measure the sexual activity of Smartdate users and found that women whose names end in “a” had more than the average number of sexual partners (4.4) in their lifetime than those without an “a.” The top three included Laura with an average 9.7 partners, followed by Tania (9.6), and then Lola lovin’ an average of 9.5. The bottom three names? Martine with 1.3, Francoise with 1.2, and Therese with 1.1. (That whole Mother Therese thing may not have helped, though.)
It is not clear why this is the case, but maybe someone out there can toss us some ideas. It is clear that more than a few future fathers will be crossing names ending with “a” off the baby name list.
Full story at Time Newsfeed.