Grunting gives tennis players an edge

“Ponk, ugh!” “Ponk, aiy!” “Ah!” Wild applause. Must be time for Wimbledon, again. The grunts and exclamations of tennis players may drive viewers crazy or heighten the suspense of a match, yet for opposing players, scientists have found that they are literally driving them to distraction.
Researchers tested how well undergraduates determined the direction of swings viewed on a monitor with and without grunting. The guttural sound caused a significant delay in response time and far more mistakes in perceiving the correct direction of the shot.
More testing in real-world situations may lead to further discussions like the one had in 2009 by Wimbledon officials, who considered fining “serial grunters” after receiving numerous complaints from players. I will be breathlessly awaiting the study testing the effects of flashy finery.
Full story at LiveScience.