Cartoon jeers US First Lady

Artist Andrew Breitbart portrays Michelle Obama as an overweight hamburger-munching glutton, attacking her obesity campaign

Michelle Obama has fallen foul of the most vicious slight yet with her portrayed as an overweight, hamburger-munching glutton in a very personal cartoon attack.

The offensive caricature, which was posted on, is a dig at the US First Lady's obesity
campaign, which celebrated its one-year anniversary last week.

It comes as Barack Obama's wife pushes her campaign to improve workplace rules for breastfeeding to reduce the number of overweight children.

Conservatives have hit out at the campaign by Michelle, calling her a hypocrite and suggesting it is not her place to tell Americans what they can and cannot eat.

In the cartoon, she is seen telling her husband, "I've stepped up my efforts to control America's eating habits by telling restaurants to lower portion sizes and fat content."

President Obama, who is shown looking slender and eating some morsels of salad, dismisses her remark, saying, "Michelle, I want to get re-elected. What you're doing is only going to annoy a lot of people."

"Shut up and pass the bacon!" she replies.

Michelle began her Let's Move! initiative which is dedicated to improving the disastrous US childhood obesity rates within a generation last year.

"I am determined to work with folks across this country to change the way a generation of kids thinks about food nutrition and physical activity," she said at the time.

But, while she has met a slightly happier response than the British chef Jamie Oliver, her support has backfired
in some quarters with accusations of a nanny state approach.

She came under fire recently after it was revealed that the menu at the recent White House Super Bowl party included high-fat snacks such as deep-pan pizza and crisps.

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